Who We Serve –

Our aspiration is to be socially and environmentally responsible while accelerating growth in all sectors as we solve tomorrow’s
problems today together with our technology partners through inexpensive proven and reliable clean energy technologies.
Unlike our competitors, we design and engineer every part of our Hybrid (Solar & Storage) solution to provide better
performance, ease of use, and excellent value (ROI) over time. PV Tech’s focus is, meeting our customers’ energy requirements
– one customer at a time.

Every decision we make as an environmentally friendly company includes but not limited to our commitment of making renewable (solar/storage) energy an enduring and cost-effective technology for all humankind.

PV Tech’s foresight is to change how communities (Institutions, Businesses and Homes) are powered; this move will enable communities isolated from the grid in “Sub Sahara Africa” to have access to affordable reliable source of energy.

In collaboration with our technology partners, we are dedicated to serving our customers and the environment by utilizing cutting-edge technologies in producing high-quality products with competitive cost structures while maintaining both domestic expertise and global (Sub Sahara Africa) presence.

PV Tech Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) scope is focused on but not limited to the following sectors;

● Comercial – (Small, Medium & Large)
● Institutions
● Developers (Commercial / Residential)
● Grid (On / Micro) Solution

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