Power. On Your Terms.

SimpliPhi offers unparalleled off-grid power to everything; including U.S. troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, to rooftops for Whole Foods and Airbnb. We provide patented energy storage systems that are safer and more efficient than any others in the market.

“Although cobalt-based batteries were a revolutionary improvement from the lead acid, nicad and NiMH batteries; the need to mitigate drawbacks such as potential for fires, temperature sensitivity and limited high output,” led to the first lithium ferrous phosphate (LFP) battery cell prototypes in 2007.

Catherine and Stuart expanded into new global markets that need reliable, off-grid power solutions that offer a longer life cycle and that don’t build up excessive heat and don’t risk dangerous thermal runaway.

We provided silent, portable, durable and non-toxic solar energy systems with SimpliPhi batteries that are now used by the military in Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries.  Our stealth power systems have dramatically reduced the number of fuel transport-related casualties.

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