Medium Solar Power Assembly
Every medium solar panel assembly is integrally mounted upon and power riveted to a vented aluminum panel pan featuring full panel backside damage prevention, welded substantial aluminum mounting rails, power riveted aluminum end rails and terminated in pre-wired 3 prong Molex type connector. The array has a 10 year warranty for 10% power loss and 25 year warranty for 20% power loss. Solar array has a life cycle testing and actual field proven life of over 30 years.
The vented aluminum battery box contains the battery which is integrally mounted and pre-wired to include a standard wire harness with simple plug in connections for the SEPCO ALC computer unit and the solar panel assembly. Battery assembly is complete with all stainless steel mounting hardware. All metal crafting has been performed by high speed robotic presses using computer programmed instructions.
An all aluminum, unique single support 5/15/45 degree power bracket consists of a substantial aluminum channel affording mounting to any pole or wall. Circumference welding of strong schedule 40-.25” aluminum tube in a single support arrangement to provide maximum strength for wind loading for the location of installation. The power bracket contains predrilled and tapped battery slide mount bolts.
The whole assembly uses SEPCO’s unique “Through the Pole” rear wire routing output for no exposed wiring to provide a neat clean appearance for the finished installation.
Every SEPCO solar electric power assembly has proven itself as the most rugged and robust design in thousands of installations worldwide since their introduction in 1994. SEPCO systems surpass all codes, compliances and quality controls.
System Features
  • Every medium solar electric power assembly features a solar panel, full protective panel pan and single support power bracket.
  • The battery is contained in a vented aluminum battery box that includes a wiring harness and control electronics.
  • There are 14 different controllers to chose for different types of applications such as dusk to dawn dusk activated, motion detector, etc.
  • The systems are built for easy installation with quick connect terminals and can be mounted to a wall, roof or pole.
  • Meets AASHTO 150 mph wind force ratings
  • Powder coating and custom design available
  • 5 year maintence free
  • System warranty up to 25 years
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