Hybrid (PV / Storage) Energy Solution

WIth extreme events and threats, energy insecurity is becoming more frequent; storage provides peace of mind. PV Tech design foresight is centered around modular and scalability for present and future point of use capacity. Worldwide average income tends to stay flat or can’t keep up with energy tariff and inflation rate which have a direct impact on energy cost ramp up. Taking a proactive approach towards energy independence is the best mitigation against rising in energy cost due to known and unknown factors. For solar power plant to reach its full designed capacity, energy backup is needed; either from fossil fuels or storage. Load demand for electric energy does not always coincide with energy production; therefore, energy storage (Batteries) is highly recommended for PV Plants.

Why Solar:

World over, people are dealing with global warming which contributes to low water levels in Lakes, Rivers and Dams thus resulting to energy rationing. Sun levels are Consistent and Free; you own part of the Sun; that’s why you need your own energy plant.

Work With Us:

Not sure what you need, or what it costs? – We’re Here to Help _ Your Solution Our Passion

Our Job Starts With Your Choice(s):

● Autonomous Energy Solution for (Factories, Institutions, Home) Point of Use
● Hot Water
● Off Grid Infrastructure Solar (Street, Security, Compound..) Lights
● Instant Savings _ Your Choice

Energy on Your Terms:

Stop being utility dependent consumer; produce & reduce your consumer (Electric, Generator & Kerosene) rates; be
Energy Independent. Utility companies and generator manufacturers know that you know your options; however,
they just hope that you Don’t. Stop, don’t be frustrated utility company user base statistics, Own the Hardware
(Middleware) / Platform – Be your Own Energy Provider.

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