Independent Power Production (IPP)

Preservation of resources and minimization of pollution are goals that today decisively dictate energy (development of power plants) production. Together with our technology partners, PV Tech Hybrid (Solar and Energy Storage Systems) power plant(s) are configured with environment preservation in mind. Electricity is the pathway to sustainable economy; it takes new approaches and new technologies to meet the far-reaching energy challenges. PV Tech answers these challenges throughout entire energy system by using proven innovative technologies, products, solutions, services as well as technology partners with unparalleled know-how, and global energy market expertise.

As an EPC, Independent Power Producer (IPP), our business model is dependent upon guaranteed revenue stream and predictable low cost of energy production. At PV Tech, we recognize that affordable energy is a stimulant for profitability as well as the key driver in sustainable business.

PV Tech is your reliable partner for your On/Off grid energy needs.

  • Commercial
  • Military
  • Utility
  • Commercial & Residential Developers


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