Commercial & Residential Solar (Collector) water heaters – Together with our Technology Partner who is one of the most experienced solar thermal manufacturer in the industry, we offer unmatched design and built to industry standards – leading solar hot water collectors, components and packaged systems for all your water heating needs. All our technology partner products are constructed to exacting standards with the world’s harshest climates and environmental conditions in mind. PV Tech and Technology Partner are committed to performance, durability and innovation, which is unparalleled.

Improve esthetics of your property by:

  • Removing Water Tank (Excess Weight) from your roof
  • Minimise roof structural stress and damage by using ground mounted water tank
  • Improved water pressure throughout the building
  • Auxiliary AC input to expedite round trip after depletion of hot water and extended inclement condition
  • No more high recurring utility expenses; enjoy your “HOT SHOWERS & SAVINGS” 

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